What are good graduate programs in statistics, computer science, or data science for learning data science?

For the Starters I would recommend the DataScience course
Introduction to Data Science

Furthermore you should also take a look at core concepts in DataAnalysis https://class.coursera.org/datan...

And also you should learn R or Python or both which will come very handy for DataScience. Please Refer the udacity courses

Data Analysis with R
How can Linux increase its desktop market share?

I'm not wholly convinced it can.First of all, they can't make it any cheaper, so competing on price is out.Competing on quality is a hard task, considering the money Apple and Microsoft are throwing at their systems. To make a

What is the most advanced mobile phone?

Wow! This question is really OPEN to interpretation. The most advanced as in hardware, or the most advanced as in software? I'm actually surprised that no-one has answered this question already, because EVERYONE has an opinion about what is the BEST for them. Anyway, to

Why didn't the Tesla Model 3 improve Tesla's cashflow?

They were behind on their already agressive ramp schedule and were also building out capacity. They just recently hit or exceeded their target production rate. Patience young padwan, patience.