What are good life experiences?

Here's my parent's story!

A story, which might sound quite hard to believe, but its just the game of the destiny that happened with them, making it one of the best life experiences one can have.

The story commenced back in the year 1987, when my father, alongwith his bunch of friends was tripping to Kashmir, one of the most beautiful places in India.

My mother, who was also tripping to the same place with the bunch of her girlfriends, was totally unaware of the fact, that she's going to meet the love of her life there.

Staying in the same hotels, both hardly crossed paths. The place where they met was some adventure sport zone, where my mum happened to lose her balance while playing, and it was my dearest heroic dad, who came to her rescue.

The emotions started budding from this moment on.

Yes. it was the love at first sight.

Gradually, both of their squads became friends, and they all started exploring the place together.

This trip then, sadly came to an end.

And, the only thing my parents knew about each other were the names.

Months later, my grandpa told Mumma that he has selected a boy for his marriage, and wants her to approve of him.

My mumma with a usual obedient nod, left to get ready to her "would be" in-laws' home.

She was introduced to her father-in-law, and all the other relatives that she'll be having if she agrees to marry the guy.

Finally, the boy came.

And, as soon as my mumma, and that boy saw each other, they were simply left dumbfounded.

That boy was my father.

Both my paternal and maternal grandparents hardly knew the other side of the story, and it was all their luck and love that played a good role in uniting them.

Today, they're married for 27 years, and are the most romantic couple Ive ever witnessed in my life.

Such breath-taking life experience, undoubtedly, makes me believe in words like God, Destiny and Love even more.

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