What are good touristic spots to visit in Wardha, India?

Tripadviser is a good place to start but I am not sure if it works in India.

The Top 10 Things to Do in Wardha 2017 - TripAdvisor

Wikitravel is another good source that probably works.

Wardha - Wikitravel

Wardha is mostly famous for bapu kuti at sewagram which is also named as Adi Nivas, was the first hut built in the Ashram, with Prakrutik aahar kendra (organic food cafe)

You can even visit some beautiful places like

gopuri, shanti stup

Gandhi hills, Hindu wishwa vidyalay

Bor, bor dam and jungle safari

Pawnar, vinobha behave ashram

bhugaon, and balaji mandir


You are only a few hours away from one of India's best kept secrets, Bibi Ka Maqbara in Aurangabad. It is so beautiful there. It is also nicknamed the Mini-Taj. Indian's flock there but international tourist rarely visit. I have a post about it that may be helpful to you. Travel Blog | Big, Beautiful World

Have a great time in Maharashtra.

There are many spots like

° bapu kuti at sewagram aashram

° Vinoba Bhave aashram at pawnar

° tajuddin baba dargah at Girad

° bhojaji maharaj temple at aajansara

° Shanti stup at gopuri

° Shahid aashti smarak

° Mahakali dam

And many things may there would you like

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