What are life's biggest enigma?


We've spent almost every waking moment wondering, "What is life?" We focus on different aspects of it. We focus on the part of life that we are directly involved in. Other times, we reflect on the lives on others.

We've spent so much time focusing on the what, the why, the how, and every other question that branches off from that first. There hasn't been a definitive answer that has been found, and there won't be. Because it doesn't exist. Yes, I know, it's obvious.

But when you see how much time we really spend trying to answer and calculate and figure out every little detail, we get so caught up that we forget that, life, as we have it, can be what we make of it. Sure it won't always be what we want, but... we try to make the best of it, or at least we should.

Me, personally, I say I have horrible luck, because it always seems that everything is just actively working against me. Obviously there's no concrete proof to prove that [yet, you slimy bastard, life.]

But life itself will always remain a mystery because it's one that no singular person can find the whole answer to.

So, stop focusing on figuring out life, and just focus on figuring out yours. You never know what'll come up.

WOW, the biggest?

I will say DEATH, what it feels like, the whole life flashing before the eyes, the pervasion of White light before it strikes, the visuals of what come after, nobody knows for sure.

Although there are as many opinions/believes as there are people of the inevitable occurrence and that itself been a strive to at least have a glimmer of light in a mystery that has commanded the most void of knowledge we have.

Empirically there's only way to gather knowledge on death and that's to experience one, only problem with that research is


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God does not cry as crying is a human emotion to express sadness. God experience sadness without these human attributes.However, Jesus [when He became Man] did cried, in John 11:35

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Our cousins across the pond are mutating into Asians, Africans, and Muslims. They're ceding thir freedoms to Big Brother. They're reverting from citizens back to subjects. I hate to see that. England gave the world so much in the way of individual freeedoms.