What are life's biggest reminders?

The biggest reminder of life is death, because it urges you to get off of your backside and do something with your life TODAY.

Imagine the world without the concept of death.

People wouldn't live, have dreams and bucket lists if the idea of mortality wasn't looming over us the whole time. People would procrastinate certain things for ages.

Because of that, there would be less content every day, because people wouldn't feel the urge to post about a boring life.

Barely anyone would be living a life that they want. Barely anyone would be making a mark on the world and changing it drastically.

People would be living but they wouldn't truly be alive.

There is no life without death.

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The hairs left in my palm when I brush my hair with my fingers.

"Don't grow up. It's a trap." - Jonah Lake

Children growing up well and happy, memories that live on through us in the form of our favorite foods, poems, songs. The little things that hit the hardest.

Disclaimer: Answer is written lengthy.

Parents- yes you heard it correct.

We take pics with our parents and family and post them in social networking sites.

But have you ever thought how much time your mom spends for u in order to keep your things clean and prepare food.

So please remind yourself to think about her and make sure to involve in house hold chores and make her happy.

I request everyone to do this. Try to spend time with her. Let her know what you are doing. I am very sure that makes her happy.

The life's biggest reminders are

  • It's Unpredictability that anything can be taken away or given any time May it be people,things or anything.
  • Karma -what you sow you reap.

  1. Accidents - that it can all be taken away in an instant
  2. Sickness - that we are immortal until disease afflicts us
  3. Death - that in the millennia of human existence, not a single human out of the ten billion who have ever lived have avoided death
  4. Taxes - that you belong to a society, and pay to remain in it
  5. Birth - despite the horrors, injustices and cruelty of life, a newborn manages to instil hope in the darkest heart
  6. Love - no matter one's age, sex, race, religion or social status, love is there for the taking

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