What are mind blowing facts behind MS Dhoni retirement?

  1. The wicket-keeper captain made his debut against Bangladesh in 2004, and was run out in the first ball he faced.
  2. Dhoni's net worth is $30 million which is more than master blaster Tendulkar's net worth.
  3. Dhoni is fast friends with Bipasha Basu and John Abraham. Dhoni's long golden locks which was admired by Pakistan president Parvees Musharaf might be the inspiration from John Abraham's similar looks.
  4. Mahi is the only Indian captain to have led Indian team to victory in all the three trophies, World Cup (ODI) 2011, T20 2000 and Champions Trophy 2013. He also led his Chennai Super Kings to victory in IPL 2010 & 2011, Champions League 2010 & 2014.
  5. In 2007 it was Sachin Tendulkar who recommended Dhoni's name for captaincy because of his calm demeanor and friendly equation with teammates.
  6. Dhoni was conferred the honorary rank of Lt. Colonel in Indian Territorial Army. He has been saying that he wishes to play some role in the army in future.
  7. MSD loves fast bikes. Has 64 of them and still counting.
  8. Dhoni is the only player to receive ICC Player of the year award twice.
  9. In 2012, Sports Pro rated Dhoni as the 16th most marketable athlete in the world.
  10. Dhoni is a Rajputs and has roots in Uttarakhand.
  11. Mahi's wife Sakshi Dhoni carry electrical cooker every time she accompanies Dhoni on cricket tours.
  12. Dhoni is a huge fan of Adam Gilchrist.
  13. Dhoni played as a goalkeeper for his school football team and also dabbled with badminton.
  14. Dhoni made Ranji Trophy debut for Bihar in 1999 - 2000 when he was 18 yrs as a wicket-keeper.
  15. Dhoni is the only player to score most number of centuries batting at No.7 and he did it against Pakistan in December 2012 and against Africa XI in 2007. Both in Chennai.
  16. Only Sharukh Khan has more brand advertisements than Dhoni in his kitty.
  17. MSD has partnered with Telugu film star Akkineni Nagarjuna in buying a Super sport World Championship team and named it Mahi Racing Team India,
  18. Dhoni was employed as Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) at Karagpur Railway station from 2001 to 2003.
  19. The helicopter shot, his trade mark shot was taught to Dhoni by his former Ranji Trophy colleague Santhosh Lal.
  20. He is the Indian player with most number of catches in an innings. He took six catches in the first innings of the test match against New Zealand in April 2009.

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