What are practical ways someone can make an extra $100 a week?

You should learn doing Affiliate marketing arbitrage. ClickBank is perfect marketplace for this.

Affiliate marketing arbitrage is when a marketer purchases ppc campaigns with programs such as adwords and makes affiliate sales simply by linking to affiliate offers... As long as the affiliate sales are higher than your ppc costs you are making profit...

They most hard thing here is to find HOT products for this. And don't forget about high competition . By they way competition for ClickBank products not so high.

And this helps me to get results what you see in that screenshot =)

What is the difference between Uber and Lyft?

I drive for both Lyft and UberX, often at the same time to increase my chances of earning. (Uber X is the same as Lyft--a person with a car--not to be confused with the black car service they do, too.)UberX passengers almost always sit in the back, they don't want to talk (they want to work or

What is the best way to enhance your general knowledge in a short span of time?

HelloOK ,so your problem is to study more in a less amount of time. So your mind should be focused in only one thing which you are doing. You should not be distracted .Enjoy your studies and read it like a story and

What are some basic guidelines for men's fashion?

I'm going to delineate this into roughly two broad groups; men's formal wear and men's casual wear. Casual wear1.  Every man should have several pairs of great sneakers.  Be adventurous - get them in different colors, and ideally have one that is not a standard color - get one bright green / orange / red