What are some TV shows you enjoy right now?

A Chinese TV series called "Ode to joy". This drama is adapted from a novel of the same name,and tells a story of 5 girls who live in ode to joy community with 22nd floor.Those girls come from different families, personalities,but they get to konw each other from strange to familiar and then to mutual understanding and finally get growing together. In a word, it's an interesting and warm story.

Supernatural: Yes, it can get repetitive sometimes, but overall it's VERY entertaining. It's about two brothers that hunt supernatural creatures like banshees, demons, shapeshifters, vampires, werewolves, etc. In future seasons angels are involved.

(I am restricted to Netflix / Amazon video, because I don't have cable, but I'll still answer...)

I am just now getting to watch Grey's Anatomy seasons 11 & 12. I was hesitant to continue watching after season 10 (for obvious reasons, if you're a loyal Grey's Anatomy binge-watcher), but it is just as fantastic as ever.

I also am watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. Honestly, it took me a long time for me to get into this one. I didn't see the appeal because it was so depressing and solemn, but halfway through season 2 I finally became more interested in the show. Even though it is depressing, it's kind of refreshing at the same time. While the plot-line isn't exactly realistic, the show presents a lot of real and serious issues related to drug use and addiction that I find very thought-provoking.

Designated Survivor, 24, House of Cards, Homeland, The Americans.

Americans takes place during Cold War, but based on true spy activities. The others are current-day dramas dealing with the highest level of the US government (POTUS) but all are excellent. The only problem with them is that since they all deal with POTUS issues and related government conspiracies, sometimes it's hard to keep track of one show vs. the other.

This is complicated by the fact that, seriously, there is a lot of overlap between these shows and what is actually going on today. The writers/producers of the show incorporate current-day themes such as ISIS, terrorism, White House drama, etc.

All excellent though. 24 has had I believe 7 seasons (although this is a new cast but same premise), and Designated Survivor was a pleasant surprise (stars Kiefer Sutherland who was the main character in the first 7 seasons of 24).

If it were still on, I'd be still addicted to Banshee. If you haven't seen it, Binge-watch it. At least try the pilot. Then you'll binge-watch the rest.

I keep watching Friends reruns a lot. Apart from that I am currently watching Modern Family. I love Phil Dunphy and I do feel he is a cool dad(like he keeps telling all the time). I love the humor aspect of the show. Situational humor has always been my favorite. Apart from Modern Family, I am also watching the 8th season of Castle. Kind of pains me to think that this is the last season and there wont be CasKett anymore or the brilliant, thrilling cases that the team solves.

Can Pakistan hold back an Indian invasion?

Both Pakistan and India got defensive Armies. They're not strategically or tactically armed enough to go for an invasion.Pakistan can easily repulse Indian invasion. In fact, It'd occupy Indian territory in retaliation the way it did in 1965.

If a person (on a ship) travels at 10x the speed of light for 10 years their observed time, how much time would have passed on Earth?

Times stops at the speed of light. Therefore the person would not be able to measure time let alone know that 10 yrs has passed. It is not possible to travel beyond the speed of light.

How many new species have humans made?

I don't think we've ever tried to make a new species although we've created, by selective breeding, pseudo-species which can't interbreed.At least one species has arisen while