What are some US universities that accept international transfer students?

Any college in the USA that accepts any transfer students will accept international transfer students.

There are very few US private universities that are Need-Blind for international applicants, so have Plenty of Cash (at least $70,000 for One year) unless you are lucky enough to transfer to one of the 20 to 30 elite private universities that will provide full financial aid, after you and all of your parents fill out a daunting amount of paperwork that must be verified.

On top of that, the elite private US universities have a self-imposed quota on international Undergraduate students and that means the transfer acceptance rate for international transfer applicants is Less than one-percent......

It is far Easier to be accepted as a fully-funded Graduate student at a fine US research university than to be accepted as an international transfer student.

However, with $70,000 per year in Cash available to you and very good grades and letters of recommendation, there are Hundreds of very good US public universities that will love to have you apply and then attend.

Money speaks and US public universities Love to listen.

All the best.

Tips for Transferring to Colleges in the United States

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