What are some ab workouts for lower abs?

I want to share with you information regarding the best lower ab exercises from three different studies. I hope this will make your exercising better and triple your workout's effectiveness.

German Study

I accidently stumbled across this study while I was looking for the best back exercises. A German study includes electromyography (EMG) analysis for many gym-goers during their favourite exercises. As long as we want to target the lower tummy, I focus only on the finest lower ab exercises.

Top 3 lower ab exercises:

  1. Hanging leg raises.
  2. The beetle (German: Käfer).
  3. Extended arm crunch.

I suppose the most exotic exercise for many could be the beetle. I'll try to explain it. At a glance, it looks similar to bicycle sit-ups. However, as you can see from the picture below the hand positions between exercises differ. For this reason, it requires more coordination to perform the beetle. I suggest you try out this exercise.]

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