What are some affordable bulletproof cars?

Chevrolet Suburban

ou know the scene in Clear and Present Danger, when basically all of Colombia's drug lords are trying to blow up Harrison Ford? Remember how he got out? The Suburban he was in got hit by an RPG, so he threw it in reverse, and rammed anything in his path.

Mercedez-Benz S600

Night vision? Blast-proof undercarriage? Yeah, this armoured vehicle has all of that and more. It also maintains everything that makes the S600 so great in the first place, like the glorious V12 engine (with extra protection in front so no one can take it out). You may or may not hear during your ever-so-stylish escape over the LOGIC7 surround sound.


Some people say you shouldn't ever attract attention to yourself if you really need an armored car, but if you're in a Maybach that can withstand a .308 cal rifle firing armor-piercing rounds, you might as well sit back and sip your martini while your driver patiently waits for the light to change. No, really -- to prove a point about the safety, an owner conducted a live-ammo drill with nothing but glass between him and the business end of an AK-47.

You are asking about unicorns. No car is bulletproof although they can be made bullet resistant. Bullet resistant plate -AR-500 costs 38 dollars a square foot. It's immensely heavy so you need to beef up suspension and transmission - which won't Be cheap . Kevlar material to stop a rifle bullet costs more than AR-500. UL Level 8 bullet resistant glass is about 43 dollars a square foot. All of this has to be fabricated. It's possible but not inexpensive To create a bullet resistant car- but not bullet proof.

Did you get to see NCT 127 performing on 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse?

Yes it did stream for me I happily watched they're performance .It was a vibrant happy and had a great vibe. I highly recommend watching and keeping track of they're performances because they are reallly entertaining. If it does not stream you can always find it on YouTube.

Did NASA make a mistake by granting the space contract to Space X and not Boeing?

The military started the ecosystem, and now companies make profit out of it cutting in development costs. Economics 101. ;)Innovation is never going to take place if there is only one player... you create competition so you have new discoveries and share of that knowledge. And comparing the know how