What are some after workout tips to prevent muscle soreness for daily workout?

  1. If you worked hard, especially doing resistance training - your muscles will be sore. Its a good thing - it means you worked hard.
  2. Muscle soreness is the result of resistance (such as weight) training tearing the muscle fibers, and then they rebuild stronger and bigger (to dumb down the science - which I don't really understand).
  3. So the soreness is the rebuilding phase - you want that.
  4. That said - there are a couple ways to help it out - I've found
    1. Stretch - after
    2. massage or use a foam roller or a lacrosse ball on tough joints and tendons
    3. alternate hot/cold showers or ice baths (you see football players get in ice baths after practice). The hot/cold rushes blood to those areas and speeds up recovery.
    4. good nutrition - super essential.
    5. good sleep - even more essential.

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