What are some amazing bike inventions that exist that most people don't know about?

Generally speaking, most of the bikes and bike tech you see on Gizmodo or on design blogs tend to induce swooning in fans of design blogs and eye-rolls in actual cyclists. Take the very first example in your above video, the Skylock. It's a hundred and eighty dollars and hasn't actually entered production yet. Meanwhile, on Amazon, you can buy a Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit - a possibly literally bulletproof lock tested by tens of thousands of city cyclists around the world - for 77 dollars. You're paying over double the price for your lock to solve a problem that doesn't really exist.

Meanwhile, the quality of bike you can buy for a given amount of money has shot through the roof over the past twenty years - Marco Pantani won the 1998 Tour on an eight-kilo aluminium bike with 18 gears, while you can now buy a Canyon Ultimate with alu frame, 22 gears and a weight of 7.3kg for Eur1,500. Almost every racing bike being sold on the market at the moment is superior to the absolute top-tier bikes of the late nineties; that's truly mind-blowing. Near-Tour-level quality can be had for about a month's median salary in most Western countries.

Hub less wheels!!

so, engineers hav managed to make bike wheel with a hub/center. that means we are one step closer to a tron bike (i think one has already been built).

My vote is the "Barefoot Buddy". This was introduced in the mid 70's. The end of the Hippy era and the beginning of the 10 spd craze in America. Most American 10 spds had jagged steel "rat trap" pedals. Painful even for the toughest bare feet. Also, if you wore shoes, the distance between pedal and seat changed. Barefoot Buddy's were two thin wood blocks that held onto the pedal with a wide rubber traction band. I had a girlfriend in Florida. I'll call her Mickey. She LOVES going barefoot. She avoided shoes whenever possible. She had some on her bike. The reverse to the Barefoot Buddy was the "Polar Pal" this came out shortly later. It was a plastic windscreen that attached to the pedal with the toe clips. It was for Yankees like me in The Great White North.

Deep brain stimulation is the most mind blowing invention I have seen in quite some time.

Essentially they put an electrode into your brain and it fixes a variety of ailments like Parkinsons. Over 120,000 people in the USA have this installed in their brains and its a revelation for them.

Here is the video that blew my mind:

Computers using fMRI can accurately find out what image a person is looking at, simply by mapping their brains neural activity.

This could mean that we may be able to "mind read" in the future.

How can your GPS track a cell phone number for free?

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Do questions make life worth living?

Yes and for me the best answer is knowing that the meaning of life is God and our happiness. To day this can be understood although may not be a easy task. For more details see Abstract 1 of Life Philosophy by Joao Ferreira.