What are some amazing hacks to maintain stress?

  1. Turn on Netflix and watch Bob Ross talk and paint. The man will either put you to sleep, or convince you that "a happy little tree" can make all your problems go away.
  2. Watch a ridiculous Youtube video involving your favorite show, movie, or cats doing silly things. Sometimes you just need to goof off for five minutes.
  3. Learn to do "Tai Chi" with a dvd. Careful with the soundtrack though. It might induce a nap.
  4. Take an "improv acting class" and release your inner child. You'd be surprised how much fun it is to let go and let the creative side of your brain take the wheel.
  5. If none of the above work, grab some donuts and chocolate milk and declare today you're unbirthday!

How do cell phone towers work?

In a grossly oversimplified description, there are hundreds of towers, all with overlapping coverage.As you move along, your phone I said constantly looking for whichever on has the strongest signal. When you make a call, that tower will connect back to a switching center, which is connected to all the other towers, and the regular old landline telephone network,

Who invented the digital clock?

As Wikipedia states,The first digital pocket watch was the invention of Austrian engineer Josef Pallweber who created his "jump-hour" mechanism in 1883. Instead of a conventional dial the jump-hour featured two windows in an enamel dial, through which the hours and minutes are visible on rotating discs. The

Does a cell phone emit 1000 times more radiation when its battery is low?

HeyAccording to Wikipedia The transmission power of a GSM handset is limited to a maximum of 2 watts in GSM 850/900 and 1 watt in GSM 1800/1900.According to a Radio-Electronics.com: resources, analysis & news for electronics engineers article "