What are some best kept secrets of air travel? What are some facts pilots do not want passengers to know?

Somethings that pilots won't tell you...

  • That pilots can escape through windows (or escape doors) in the cockpit in case of emergency like fire, hijacking. In the cockpit, they also have escape ropes mounted in a compartment above the window on each side of the cockpit. You can check those overhead compartment in the left-top and right-top corners in the photo below:

How to get get biceps and abs in 30 days at home (beginner)

Consult your doctor and assuming you are healthy go to #2In order for your abs/biceps to show you need body fat under 20% (actually much lower but 20 is a start). If you have any

What are the best health websites?

well, it depends on the health sites,since there are no specifications, here are some few health sites.Academy of Nutrition and http://Dietetics--Eatright.org http://www.eatright.org/ The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the best source of accurate, credible and timely food and nutrition information for the public. The website includes information on

Why do humans need so much protein compared to cows or horses to maintain even a fraction of the muscle mass they have?

The average thousand-pound horse who relies on hay for all his forage typically eats fifteen to twenty pounds of hay per day. Most hay is dispensed in flakes; however, the amount of hay in a flake can vary greatly, depending on the size