What are some best tips to decrease belly fat?

Surprisingly, some fruits burn belly fat. The idea seems impausible considering the high amount of sugar, but the fact remains that certain fruits do burn belly fat remarkably well. For example:

1. Grapefruit

A study has revealed that grapefruit is good for maintaining the amount of your belly fat. The study lasted for 12 weeks, and over this period, overweight subjects ate half a grapefruit before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the end, the subjects shed about 1.6 kilograms of weight, compared to the control that lost just 0.3 kilograms. Thus, the Journal of Medicinal Food concluded that the weight loss was due to certain compounds in the grapefruit that kept the insulin levels stable, thus facilitating the process of fat burning.

2. Strawberries

There are high amount of polyphenols in strawberries. Polyphenols improve blood sugar control and regulates fat storage. They are also rich in vitamin C, thus consuming them gets rid of post-exercise stress hormone and cortisol, helping you to recover faster.

3. Avocado

Ordinarily, you wouldn't expect to see Avocado on this list because they are known to contain a lot of fats. However, when consumed, they burn fats by speeding up the conversion of fat to energy. This ultimately boosts metabolism. Avocados help the body to produce useful hormones that facilitate weight loss in both women and men. It also fills the tommy quite well, and ensures that you don't crave unhealthy foods.

4. Watermelon

91% of watermelon contents is water. Thus, it is a natural diuretic that makes you fuller for long, while getting rid of excess water in the body. There are high contents of vitamins B1, B6, and C, alongside magnesium and potassium. These contents make watermelon free of cholesterol and excess calorie. For best results, drink two glasses of watermelon juice daily for at least 8 weeks.

5. Pineapple

Bromelain is a prominent enzyme in pineapple, and it offers antibacterial and antinflammatory features that facilitates protein metabolism, and ultimately keep your belly flat. Also, pineapple gets rid of stomach conditions that may cause abdominal bloating, and in the end, you are left with a slimmer waistline.

6. Apple

Apple is known to contain pectin – a natural compound that facilitates weight loss. When apple gets into your stomach, a gel-like substance is formed, which traps the dietary fat and cholesterol content in the body. Other important components of apple include dietary fiber, phytosterol, beta-carotene, and flavonoids. All these ensure that your belly feels full and reduce your cravings for food. So, a minimum of an apple daily will keep body fat away.

7. Pomegranates

Studies have revealed that the polyphenols' antioxidant in pomegranates can improve metabolism and eliminate toxins from the body. It also keeps your appetite regulated. So, it is highly advisable that you take a glass of pomegranate juice in the morning, or before lunch. It satisfies your cravings for a sweet food while keeping you filled up.

8. Blueberries

These fruits are known to reduce belly fat significantly. A US study even revealed that they disrupt fat cells development by up to 73%.

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