What are some characteristics of transverse waves?

It moves perpendicularly to the movement of the source, it consists of crests (the part above the mid-line), troughs ( the part that is below the mid-line ).

There are three things that make up the functionality of a transverse wave:-

  • Amplitude - Usually defines the power of the wave visually seen as how high the wave can detach from the mid-line
  • Wavelength - Distance between two consecutive beginnings of a wave either crests or troughs
  • Speed - How fast a wave travels usually in m/s

and of course wavelength and the speed define the frequency which is a measure of how many waves pass in 1 second.

Each repeating shape is considered as 1 full wave.

When transverse wave moves, the particles of media oscillate perpendicular to the direction of moving wave.

Transverse wave shows polarization stricly.

Transverse wave could be travel through vacuum eg., Light wave in which electric and magnetic field vectors oscillate transverse to the direction of propagation. Means transverse wave may be mechanical or non-mechanical.

Transverse waves are always characterized by particle motion being perpendicular to wave motion.

A longitudinal wave is a wave in which particles of the medium move in a direction parallel to the direction that the wave propagation.

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MALAWIMore than half of the country lives in poverty. It has a per capita income of about 800 $. According to a United Nations report ,about 74 % of the total population lives below the poverty line of US $ 1.25 per day and about 90 % of population lives at about US $ 2 day. Access to assets,

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Just because I'm retired I am still learning and achieving so I'll not count myself out as of yet. What I have set my mind to in the past has been achieved successfully as will that which is presently in progress. Writing another book!