What are some common misconceptions about Americans?

The misconception that ‘Americans are less superstitious'.

Being an Indian, I come from a land of traditions and beliefs ( also rituals and superstitions). Before coming to US, I used to think, as a developed nation, US must be free from superstitions. How wrong could I be ? Here are some examples

  • We have gullible people who believe that wearing a ring with some gemstone can bring good fortune. Americans have their fare share of gullible people who believe in magic elemental bracelets' abilities to protect someone from bad-luck.

How can I, a 19 old college student, lose weight and body fat without having to eat less (and decrease my cognitive capacities, I need sugar and fat as well) and to work out a lot?

completely cut out sugar, and cut carbs to 40 grams a day.eat more good fats, avocado, oily fish, meat including the fat, butter.i currently eat fatty beef mince with egg and cheese omelettes.i eat twice a day and not hungry.i'm losing 1–2 pounds a day, but i currently weigh 330 pounds (150

If I'm getting a sore back from deadlifting, does it mean it's hurting it or just sore?

Soreness is a common symptom when training with weights. specially if you are doing heavy deadlifts then yes. but if the weight is relatively less then I suspect problem in technique. deadlifts is a very efficient and great exercise when performed correctly, if not can be painful one. I suggest take couple