What are some common misconceptions about transgender people?

Ok there are a lot

I'll try to avoid covering what other people have.

  • That when someone says they are trans, it means they still have the genitals of the gender they were born with. A lot of people assume this right away. They don't seem to know sex reassignment surgery is something a lot of trans people go through.
  • That transgender people are trying to identify as transgender. While this may be true for some. For many of us including me, we aren't trying to identify as transgender, we are trying to identify as the gender we weren't assigned at birth.

To elaborate on the above point. Many people think that when someone says they are transgender, they are saying they aren't a man or a women. Transgender isn't some third gender to identify as. Transgender people are trying to go from male to female or, female to male. We are not trying to go from male to transgender, or female to transgender.

On to next point.

  • Being transgender has nothing to do with sexuality.
  • Being transgender is different from Drag and crossdressing. While many trans people may participate in drag, that doesn't make it a trans thing.
  • That trans people have a certain lifestyle. This is so incorrect, trans people all have different lives.
  • That trans people "look transgender". I can guarantee you probably have seen a trans person who has transitioned, and not known they were trans. Many people pass 100% we don't all look like the gender we were born in.

I'll stop here, I may have already overlapped with some of the other answers. These are far from all the misconceptions though.

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