What are some conspiracies that you believe in?

The Republican ultimate goal is to create a nations of serfs who willingly, albeit reluctantly, go about their work just as the slaves did in the South before the Civil War.

This may seem bizarre but I think the Republican leadership is attempting to recreate the plantation system giving the South its ultimate victory.

The Republicans do not want to "solve" problems. They are working to create a nation of serfs tasked with creating their wealth. I base this opinion on their actions, not what they say.

Their targets are the safety net, universal health care, education, livable wage:

The Republicans imply Social Security is paid for by our taxes so cutting Benefits will save money. That is not the case. It is an insurance program paid for by our dividends. It has been raided many times, the latest by Bush to pay for his wars.

Slashing Social Security to pay for the tax cut is disingenuous and is essentially a lie. Social Security benefits would be higher than they are if the government had played fair all these years instead of "borrowing" from the fund.

Social Security, in more ways than one the mother of all U.S. entitlement programs, has been the dragon that conservatives have succeeded in slashing, but never slaying, over its 80-year history. Their opposition has morphed from outright ideological grounds as the program was being debated during the New Deal era to a campaign masked in careful rhetoric once Social Security became virtually untouchable as a political animal. The 80-Year Conservative War On Social Security Is Back For More

Minimum wage is opposed with sensible sounding rhetoric such as it will cost jobs and damage the economy but the fact is these are convenient lies. As a result of Milton Friedman's theories put forward in the 70's corporations began to treat wages as an expense instead of the social obligation they once did so began attempting kill unions and reduce wages as much as possible. Unions set the wage level in the country but Friedman saw them as the enemy taking work away from other workers. This is short sighted and damaging to the economy but it is their goal to pay their workers as little as humanly possible. It's like parents seeing their children as an expense to reduce instead of an obligation to enhance. Government, in Friedman's model, became the enemy of an unfettered marketplace. Friedman's lopsided views led us willy-nilly into the recent market crash. Not everything is about money. Friedman's amoral outlook on business turned out to be a disaster for the working men and women of this country. Friedman's goal is a healthy business community, not a healthy society. In 1789 France the wealthy elite lost their heads to the impoverished many. Will that have to happen here?

If they are not going to step up to the plate and do the right thing then we need a mandated minimum wage.

. . . of the market, he [Friedman] was a forceful critic of government. Yet history shows that in every successful country, the government had played an important role. Yes, governments sometimes fail, but unfettered markets are a certain prescription for failure. Friedman and Galbraith

This link will take you to a conservative rationalization for opposing a minimum wage: Why Do Conservatives Oppose Higher Minimum Wages?

Ronald Reagan on the minimum wage: "The minimum wage," Ronald Reagan argued in 1980, causes "more misery and unemployment than anything since the Great Depression."This is nonsense but is the right-wing drumbeat. Far too many listen. Conservative Myths on Minimum Wage Have Dangerous Implications

In the South slaves were not educated. An educated slave is a dangerous slave. So it is the Republicans have targeted education. Education is critical to the future of our country but you wouldn't know based on how much money we allocate to it. After all an educated, thinking populace is a dangerous populace. So of course the right fears education: The right's fear of education: What I learned as a (former) conservative military man

One way the Republicans can continue talking like they want better education for our children while at the same time crippling public education is to divert money from the school budget into Charter schools. Begun as an attempt to find ways to better educate students in places where public schools have a long history of inadequacy, these independently run schools were seen as the great hope for the future. The reality has been quite a different story. The Republican War on Education

Their attempts to destroy any semblance of a safety net is based on dishonest, self-serving thinking and rhetoric. They oppose a safety net not because they think it won't work but because it will. All other developed nations have a wide range of social programs to protect their citizens from want and misfortune. Their programs create a healthier and happier populace. What would conservatives have us do? They would have us depend on charity and their table scraps. The Conservative Myth of a Social Safety Net Built on Charity

Of course unemployment and health care must be opposed as bad for worker initiative and damaging to the economy even though there are examples around the globe that these programs work with Canada being the nearest example.

Lopsided tax laws are helping enrich the wealthy without providing benefit to those who need relief. Consequently we are going deeper in debt. Unfair taxation has sparked revolutions. 10 Ways the Tax System is Unfair to Middle-Class Americans | U.S. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon

It would seem to me many of the privileged hold the common working man in contempt. Not all, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are examples of the more enlightened, but most seem to hate and fear the common man. Wall Street is an example of what unbridled greed coupled with this scorn creates. The great unwashed may labor for them but don't expect them to shake our grimy hands.

It is the height of irony to me that so many working people have been voting for their enemies, the Republicans, who appeal to the most base impulses and prejudices of people. The Republicans have successfully copied Hitler's strategy, The Big Lie, to discredit Hillary and push their bankrupt policies on those who will be most harmed by their efforts.

Warren Buffett has some interesting observations about class warfare. He is one of the few wealthy Americans that is willing to say what many are thinking. Back in 2006, Buffett was quoted as saying "There's class warfare, all right," Mr. Buffett said, "but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning." In Class Warfare, Guess Which Class Is Winning

I'm no fan of much liberal thinking because it is often ungrounded and ideological. But to me it is safer than the destructive impulses so present in the modern right wing where the wealthy have found their safe harbor from which to launch their propaganda and their legislative torpedoes. They fund their dangerous legislation and action groups that have only the interests of the wealthy at heart. Who protects the interests of the common working man who actually creates the wealth of the country? Seemingly no one. Bernie Sanders is the voice in the wilderness and shuffled aside as irrelevant.

I repeat, the ultimate irony is it is the working class that will provide most of the serfs for the new plantation class and yet they are the biggest source of support for their new masters. The Southern slaves knew who their enemy was. The modern working class do not as they eagerly walk into their chains.

Forbes challenges Friedman's dangerous thinking: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ste...

9/11. After spending weeks researching with an unbiased view the following scenarios just don't add up.

Evidence like the ability of untrained 'pilots' flying commercial airliners into the WTC towers when seasoned professionals couldn't after many simulated attempts.

What about WTC 7? The first building ever to not only freefall in itself but collapse due to fire damage. No other building has done that .

The ability for people to place calls to their loved ones while traveling so high and fast in an airplane. The changes between cell towers would be too frequent to hold a connection. I am not saying the passengers where in on it though.

The "it is a frame" whispered at the end of a message a flight attendant made.

The nano thermite found in the dust of the WTC

The "crime scene" metal that was shipped directly to China for scrap instead of being used as crime scene evidence like what happens for any MINOR crimes

Explosions going off before the WTC'S collapsed

The insurance policy taken out on the WTC just weeks before the attack.

Bush not been taken away as protocol from the secret service upon the first sign of war or terrorism

Where are the plane parts at the Pentagon.? Why was the footage confisgated from the gas station straight after ?

What about the lighpost that hit the taxi driver allegedly from the plane at the pentagon, later to find it was no in the right flight path.

The passports of the terriost pilots found blocks away form the WTC'S

America's continued persuance of spreading fear to be able to justify war.

That the Pentagon was hit by a missile on 9/11. Rumsfeld called it a, "missile", in his interview with Parade magazine. To me, the official explanation that the wing engines were totally vaporized in the fire didn't match the TV news images of the day.

The tail engine was supposed to have blasted its way to the center of the Pentagon while the wing engines didn't so much as crack a window. The impact hole was just slightly larger than the fuselage of the plane... but there was no damage from the wings, including the wing engines. The original hole was round. The final, wider opening was due to an explosion about 20 minutes after the initial impact.

In an attempt to clarify the matter in my own mind, I made a FOIA request for excerpts of the video tapes confiscated by the FBI from surrounding businesses (gas stations, banks, etc.) that could have ‘seen' the attack on the Pentagon. I received one of the standard non-denials that, if such tapes existed, they would be secret under some act by Congress. I don't have the letter handy so can't name the exact law. Personally, I can think of no plausible reason the tapes shouldn't be made part of our national history. Probably within the Library of Congress.

There is no physical possibility that the wing engines were vaporized by an open air kerosine fire. And, if there were such a hot blaze, it would have burned the grass.

Rumsfeld's explanation is the only plausible one. The Pentagon was hit with a missile. A pilot that had flown that exact plane many times claimed that the maneuvers of the object that hit the Pentagon were not possible for that plane. He insists that those accelerations would have torn off the wings.

Thank You "Doug Siefken" for your valuable question...

Now here is the truth about the answer:

Video of "The New World Order" Why and Who thought of it.

I don't believe any conspiracy theories because the term was invented by conspirators to discourage investigations into their conspiracies. Okay, that's circular and facetious but there are better ways to express the legitimate interrogation and analysis of the official accounts of troubling events and conditions.

That sort of investigation requires: enough technical knowledge to be able to evaluate empirical evidence; sufficient understanding of history and psychology in order to identify and track competing ideologies, the projection of power, the means of the accumulation of wealth, the exploitation of populations, the leverage of oligarchs, the seeding of memes, the hypocrisy of the non-secular, the use of assassination, and the strength of tribalism; and above all an open, non-partisan mind.

There is little doubt in my mind that the major thread in civic history going back to ancient Greece and forward to today is the certainty by the fraternal elite that the "unwashed masses," especially minorities, are incompetent to participate in democracy and that a racially pure ruling class is essential to stable government and economic progress, versus the counter-argument by progressives with faith in the common people. The dispute was prominent in the design of the US Constitution and has never truly been resolved.

The elitist mindset has resulted in the atrocities of colonialism, imperialism, slavery, genocide, capitalism (with its attendant economic collapses), purges, pogroms, religious crusades, and probably pandemics.

If you accept that then you are forced to accept that a self-appointed elite will stop at nothing to achieve its objectives, including using subterfuge to conceal its means and ways. So, when things don't look right or sound right, start an empirical examination of the facts, look for similar historical precedents, check your experience with how people behave, look for who benefits from the incidents (follow the money), and draw your own conclusions. For an example, the 9/11 attacks official account is riddled with inconsistencies and impossible physics; and the neocon ideologues achieved their singular objective: the agreement by Congress to fund a military invasion of the Mideast.


There is too much evidence supporting 911 conspiracy theories from credible sources and too much was not looked into or completely rejected by the NIST inquiry for an informed person to be satisfied with the governments story.

When no more than 20 million was spent on the 911 investigation while 60 million went on Clinton's blowjob you know immediately that some people, somewhere don't want the truth to be known. Visit http://www.ae911truth.org/ for detailed information and an informative video with the views of many architects, engineers, demolition experts, physicists, chemists and other experts. These are definitely not conspiracy nutjobs with outrageous contentions. I dare you to expose yourself to their well informed views.

Certainly the one regarding the phrase itself.

Here's an example of how our controllers bend the thought processes of the masses to their advantage. Sir Bertrand Russell said, "To control the ostensible meaning of words is to control the minds of the masses." Wadayano - the psychologically imposed definition of "conspiracy theory" is also a perfect example of a conspiracy itself.

The term "conspiracy theorist" was a term made popular by the CIA to stop critical thinkers from asking questions about the JKF assassination? In a memo called "Countering Criticism of The Warren Report", the CIA set out to make the term "conspiracy theorist" a weapon to be used against anyone who questioned the government's secret activities and programs.

Google "Countering Criticism of The Warren Report" for more details. One source for "Countering Criticism of The Warren Report" is


I don't know if I'd call it a conspiracy, but I believe that most people with a good deal of power tend to take more than their share and that they live in worlds that are set up to perpetuate this. 

I also believe that governments can be bought by by private corporations, but that's not really a conspiracy, that's just called lobbying.  Well not exactly, but lobbying is very easily corrupted into buying government. 

Yet another thought that borders on conspiracy is Monsanto's plan to control all food world-wide.  They have been bullying their way into having a huge share of world-wide agriculture and use their pretty much inexhaustible supply of funds to battle anyone who doesn't like it.  Again not really a conspiracy because I don't think there's a group of people on the top trying to take over the world, it's just the combination of a few good ideas, aggressive business tactics and shareholders and everyone down the line wanting a little more money.

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I've never heard of this before in my life. A pointer to an example would probably help contextualize it, but in the absence of that, and assuming that "good undergraduate degree" is used as casually as it sounds, I would suspect that the employer is not

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