What are some dressing hacks that girls should know?

Edit: I know I gave tips and not hacks, so here are some that I know of:

  1. use panty liners on your shirt's armpit area to absorb excess sweat. this helps in avoiding body odour along with keeping armpit area of the shirt clean and stain-free.
  2. Running late and having a bad hair day- no time to shampoo? Dust a little baby powder on your scalp to have an oil free mane.
  3. Have to wear a saree but don't have a pre-stitched blouse! Use that crop-top in your wardrobe and team it up with your pretty Indian drape. Not only does it look classy but also gives you that girly look.
  4. Have a dress which is so pretty that you can't skip buying it but also are concerned about its sheerness on your lower body area which you can't cover with a camisole, no worries, wear a tube top as a skirt and put your dress on! Ta-da no seems and no see-through.
  5. Can't find those perfect shorts but have to really hurry for that travel to Goa, no problem, use those old pair of denims, cut them to get the perfect length on shorts along side finding that perfect fit!
  6. Can't find your perfect maxi dress, don't worry, rob your moms wardrobe and find that saree with light fabric and beautiful print to get a custom made maxi dress.


A few off the top of my head-

  1. get your basics right- own a well fitted pair of jeans which would go with all your tee-shirts, tops and shirts.
  2. I personally like to buy tops/t-shirts/Kurtis which do not require a lot of maintenance.. for example clothes which do not crumple and are ready to wear without really needing ironing. This saves up a lot of time when I'm in a hurry. A lot of mixed fabrics are readily available.
  3. i like to buy clothes which would not be just for the season but which could be used later on as well. For example a trend that's in is cape dresses, which l, when the trend is over those dresses could be used without the cape.
  4. A few pieces of accessories can add a lot of charm to your look. Just the basics again, simple earrings, watches or neck pieces.
  5. Choosing different accessories for different occasions can let you use the same dress many times.
  6. For an Indian girl who likes to wear Indian tunics- try and avoid print on print. I.e wear a printed Kurti with a block coloured bottoms or vice versa.
  7. A plain Kurti with a beautiful stole or dupatta (Kantha, patch work etc) or those beautiful printed raw silk, cotton silk dupattas that one can spot at Fabindia give for a classy look.
  8. Choose clothes that flatter your body type at the same time keeping you comfortable and not what's just in vogue.
  9. Invest in good camisoles for those pretty sheer Kurtis or tops. I personally avoid such fabrics and go for solid fabrics which do not need yet another layer of clothing inside.
  10. Keep at least one set of all occasion wear always ready .. so you could just slip into them when you have no time.
  11. When going for traditional dresses, ensure that even your footwear and accessories are readily available or are purchased alongside the dress so as to avoid the last minute fretting.
  12. a little stroke of kohl/eye liner and a hint of lip color change the overall look.
  13. Own a perfume that can be your signature fragrance.
  14. At the end choose clothes based on your comfort zone.

Hope this helps! Happy dolling up!

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