What are some effective exercises to improve and elongate the spine for achieving better posture and maximizing height?

Before we even begin any exercise, it is important to do some stretches to warm up our muscles and prepare our bodies. But nonetheless, both stretching and exercise can help us relieve back pain by relaxing our tight muscles and improving blood circulation. Stretching in particular, can help improve and elongate the spine, resulting to a better posture.

Can Ubuntu be affected by viruses or not?

Yes Ubuntu can be affected by viruses.But hackers do not see Linux as their perspective market hence they do not create viruses for Linux machines. With windows covering a larger share in Desktop computers, viruses are designed for windows machines. Viruses does not just get created by their own, they are designed by super smart people with some motive

When should sell my Toyota car?

A lot of factors involved .To some people cars are like clothes and part of their persona .For most people cars are a necessary evil you use to get by in life .I am a mechanic for a living .Most people have a job that they have to be on time for .When the old

Does the military mess up/change ones physique really bad?

We had to regularly run 12 miles with a combat load, in boots on asphalt for a timed run to meet 18th Airborne Corps standards. Well, when you're a leader, sometimes you're doing it multiple times of what is required to do it with different sections/platoons and if you've got any innate defect, it's going to wear