What are some examples of homogeneous catalysis?

The class of homogeneous catalysts is extraordinarily broad from the hydrogen (+) ion in acid catalyzed reactions like ester hydrolysis to natural enzymes (virtually all of them - an example is carbonic anhydrase - enzymes often have a metal iron surrounded by a vast protien complex but I think that it is not always necessary for a metal ion to be involved) to a variety of other noble metal catalysts like for example (chloridotris(triphenylphosphane)rhodium(I) or Wilkinson's catalyst used in hydrogenation of unsaturated alkene compounds, and transition metal organometallic compounds (some ziegler-natta catalysts for example dicyclopentadienyl dichlorides of Zn Hf or Ti - titanocene dichloride being the analog for titanium) soluble in water or organic solutions. I assume techically homogeneous catalysts could exist and function in other phases of matter but these solvent soluble catalysts are the ones that are most familiar to us. I have provided a few examples.. I think the field is probably much, much broader. I must apologize to Wikipedia for shamelessly and gratefully using them as a source for confirmation of some of these on short notice.

The thing that characterizes a catalyst from a simple reactant is that it becomes involved in reaction with another substance or substances but is itself regenerated as a product of that reaction.

What are things to watch out for while visiting Dubai?

Today Dubai is one of the most visited destinations in the world and home to a number of record-breakers, from the world's tallest building to the busiest international airport on the earth. Yet for all the city's tributes, there are still plenty of misconceptions about the glitzy Gulf

Why do I love love so much?

I guess you could say it's for multiple reasons,,,Some people like the action packed feels. While some take a liking in the animations.Personally I take the feels for the personalized theme.Yes, I could just watch a non anime show with the same theme as a anime show, but some people don't find it that easy. ( me for instance