What are some examples of learned helpelesseness in the modern world?

There are many examples of learned helplessness in the modern world.

  • Instead of walking long distances we will use a transportation vehicle.
  • Instead of hunting other animals we will buy our meat in the supermarket.
  • Instead of cooking we can buy ready-made meals or visit a restaurant.
  • .....

What is the best way to learn habit reversal training from a self-help perspective?

Effectively reversing bad habits requires that you know the mechanism behind the habit you're eradicating.  Ignorance most often results in setbacks more serious than the long-term effects of the undesirable habit. Due diligence counts most especially if the habit involves a deadly situation, for example,

How will Obamacare affect doctors?

Yes.However, it will effect patients and our economy much more negatively than the docs. I could write on this subject for hours. However, I will sum it up with deductibles for those who have Obamacare (most of which lost their health insurance due to Obamacare or have it for free). With a 5 or 10 thousand

Why am I unable to do chin ups?

Like Kulpreet said, your muscles are the key here. You need to build your shoulder muscles to help you hold firm.Trust me, your body mass is much more heavier than most weights you carry around. If you really put your body weight together in one piece, you'll discover that