What are some examples of muscular endurance in sports?

Endurance is considered by exercise physiologists to be a little different than aerobic efficiency.

Generally, it's the ability to perform at a high level, but one that is less than maximum, for a prolonged period.

"Strength" is the ability to perform short, hard, "maximum" output. Like lifting a heavy weight.

Endurance would be to lift a less-than-maximum weight for as many repetitions as possible.

So sports like rowing require not only high aerobic capacity, but also considerable muscular endurance. Others might be the long-distance sprints, where the body is taken outside of it's "anaerobic threshold" (about 10–12 seconds of max effort) and must continue for considerably longer than that.

Wrestlers must have great endurance as well; they are often working very close to their maximum effort level for minutes at a time.

Why do some people keep thinking that the vegan diet isn't healthy?

Vegans are paler than usual. Sometimes true.Vegans are too thin.. sometimes true.Vegan diets don't provide all essential nutrients. True in part. B12 has to be manually added, but it is easily obtainable in fortified soy and rice milk.Lack of protien makes your skin, hair, muscles and bones go to shit. Also true if you fail to look after

What are some of the best exercise to get one in winter ski shape?

Strength Training should be at the top of your list if you're referring to downhill skiing. Even if you're referring to cross-country skiing, strength training would still be the best general preparation method leading into it other than cross-country skiing itself.Despite popular opinion, cardiovascular training is not as important

Why do people like Joe Rogan?

People used to hate him more than like him, but since his podcasts, he seems to gotten some of the hate to subside. He does a decent job (and unlike his stand up, which a lot of people thought was unfunny and his stint on TV with Fear Factor) he seems personable and fairly