What are some exercises that build muscle in your glutes but not your quads?

Perfect exercise for glutes (and quads ;-) is squat however it is tough job to work only on glutes. So if you're interested only in glutes you need to isolate them and there are few optio:

  • back-leg raises / kick-backs
  • Glutes are pretty strong muscles and to make them grow you need enough resistance so :
  • Machines - same as above but with resistance

I would still however recommend:
  • barbell hip thrusts
  • stiff-legged (romanian) deadlift

It is a free weight and it's much better than machines
What is it like to take Harvard's Math 55, purported the 'most difficult undergraduate math class in the country,' teaching four years of math in two semesters?

It's not hard, if you know how to prove things coming in, but if you don't already know proofs before you start, you just shouldn't take it. You won't learn how to prove things rigorously in the first two weeks before the first problem set is due. If you expect to learn the material from the class, don't. Learn

Who was the 4th vice prime minister of India?

First, we do not have Vice Prime Ministers. We do occasionally have Deputy Prime Minister. This is also quite rare.Deputy Prime Minister is not really an official constitutional post, does not carry any specific powers, At times a senior Cabinet Minister may be designated Deputy Prime

How should I study without getting distracted?

Hey there , I would like to answer your question.Distraction incudes cell phone even u dont have a personel one then it might be internet on ur parents cell , social media and time pass, excessive television and music etc.If you have any of these then how cn you ge rid of it. Well