What are some exercises to work biceps, triceps and chest?

We can divide this into 2 parts: Compound Exercises involving some or all of those muscle groups and Isolation Exercises targeting one muscle group.

  1. Compound Exercises
    1. Bench Press - a staple of a gym rats workout. It focuses on your chest, triceps, and shoulders (the back part of them). Your biceps are also used to stabilize, not for actively pushing the bar.
    2. Shoulder Press - focuses your shoulders, however, it also works your triceps and uses your biceps to stabilize
    3. Bent Over Rows - focuses your lats whilst working your triceps to pull and biceps to stabilize
    4. Push Ups - like the bench press, focuses on your chest and triceps whilst using your biceps as stabilizers
    5. Dips - targets your chest and uses your triceps heavily. Works well in combination with bench press.
  2. Isolation Exercises
    1. Bicep Curls - Standard curls for general bicep thickness and hammer curls for a better looking exterior. Also, you can go with a barbell (2 handed) or dumbbells (1 handed).
    2. Tricep Extensions
    3. Skull Crushers - tricep isolation

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No. Steroids do not stunt growth. By their nature they encourage growth. But steroids are a very broad class of chemicals. Cholesterol is a steroid for example. Different steroids will have completely different uses and effects.

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