What are some fashion tips for middle-aged men?

  • Don't try to look young, as maturity has a different charm and sophistication.
  • The level of formality in the outfit should be a notch higher than your juniors. Color combinations with a high level of contrast, firm fabrics which do not cling to the body look good.
  • Avoid trends such as red shoes, sockless sneakers, fancy belts with large buckles and neon colors in clothing.
  • A jacket looks good, even over a tee.
  • If you wear patterns, stick to paisleys/checks/stripes or pin dots.
  • Colors should suit your skin tone, else one ends up looking like a fashion victim, rather than trendy.
  • Too many pockets on jackets look overdone. Cargo pants/shorts should remain limited to weekends and leisure wear.
  • Facial hair needs to be neatly trimmed.

Is it wise to get married while still in college?

As I do not have personal experience with this, do take my answer with a grain of salt.I would not find it very wise to get married in college, as many people are still trying to figure themselves out as people. Unless you

How should I let my girlfriend know I'm married?

Tell her as honestly, but as gently as possible.  And then tell her you never meant to hurt her, and that you want to try make your marriage work.  Tell her you got caught up in the moment, then didn't know how to 'fix' it after it went too far.   And then

Who is/was the most hated Prime Minister of India?

I love one Prime minister and hate one. Rest of all do not have such special love or hate. The loved one is everyone knows Narendra Modi. But the Prime minister who i hate is Mandal Joker Viswanath Pratap Singh.Right from the start he never displayed anything Positive. He used to