What are some favorite Chipotle Mexican Grill hacks?

Get extra meat for free:
  • Ask for half steak and half chicken (for example), and you'll get charged for the more expensive meat. However, you'll typically get a little bit more meat (1.5x more, let's say) as a result of asking for half of two kinds, rather than all of one, because it can be difficult for the server to judge what "half" really is.
  • Sometimes you can just ask for double meat straight up when they're particularly busy, and the message won't make it down the line. You'll just get charged for one serving. This may work better if you're just getting one kind of meat, but I've had it work on steak/carnitas combination before.

How to heal after your husband leaves you for someone else and won't let you get a divorce

Q: How do you heal after your husband leaves you for someone else and won't let you get a divorce?If you are in the U.S., you go to a lawyer and get a divorce. Whatever he is holding over you to prevent

Who would marry me?

I'm sorry but this question isn't specific enough.Are you asking one of the following:Who will literally marry you and spend the rest of their days with you?Who will marry you to your new SO (like a Priest, Rabbi, Imam, ect...)?Are you desperate and lonely or are you playing a joke?Do you

Can I still trust my cheating husband of 10 years?

No. Chances are he's been getting away with it for the last 10 years anyway. Men with no respect for their wives who can't keep their dicks in their pants are creatures of habit. Not only do they believe that they're irresistable to women, (ALL women) but they also have such contempt for the fair sex