What are some genuinely good recent horror movies?

I watched The Wailing (2016) few weeks back.

From all the movies that came out in 2016, I can say that this is one of the best movies.

Scary, mysterious and funny (in parts), "The Wailing" comes from director Hong-jin Na (South Korea) who has done a fabulous job. The script and the movie will make you think.

"The Wailing" takes a very different approach towards the never ending battle between Good and Evil (There are various biblical hints throughout the movie - well if you can find them :))

This movie is now available to stream on Netflix (US).

The Conjuring movies are good. I thoroughly enjoyed The Visit. There's also some great horror shorts on www.ohsnap.tv

Some good recent horror movies are here:

Good Movies To Watch | Top 10 Best Horror Anime of All Time: Be Prepared To Be Scared

It depends on your personal preferences really, but I have a few I can throw at you.

Cabin in the Woods

The Conjuring/ and part 2


The Invitation

Don't Breathe

The Wailing


Hope these films will get you on your way.

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