What are some good hacks for socializing?

Be well informed.

Be it politics, movies, sports, or even Greek Mythology, having even a little bit of knowledge on a multitude of topics will always go a long way.

From what I've noticed among all the conversations I've had with people, the more you know about a certain topic of discussion, the easier it is to contribute and carry out an interesting conversation.

Read more books, and keep abreast of the latest fad/ news. Unlike what others may believe, I think Social Media is a great way to know what's currently happening around you and the World.

This is one of those times it's better to be a jack of all trades, and a master of none.

This isn't a "hack" - a word I don't care much for, but rather a simple philosophy I've used in dealing with people in all kinds of encounters over the past fifty years. It is this:

"It's better to be interested than interesting."

Whenever you find yourself talking about yourself, STOP!

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