What are some good life tips that you think are good to become more intelligent?

  • Learn to memorise.

Memorizing not to be able to cite long lines of numbers or texts. But to remember the numbers, facts and figures. Then you don't need to wate time looking up the details that you already know about. You can focus more on adding new details to a subject you remember. And it is generally easier to make some brain connections when you learn new things.

  • Be curious.

Everything can be interesting. Be curious about it and learn about it. Knowing both the history of dairy, the mechanics of modern dairies, the enzymatic interactions, the history of microbiology, cultural use of dairy, the dairy in art and advertising, the basics of cattle farming and different types of milk cattle, the different bacteria used and the names of different dairy products all together, gives you a much broader insight in what dairy really is!, than just learning about milk fermentarion and what cheese to use on which cracker.

  • Learn from others

Nothing and noone is beneath you. Everyone might have some interesting skills that are woth knowing about. Listen when people have something to say.

  • Be healthy

Good diet, plenty exercising and sleep makes the body and brain better at doing it's best.

People are going to say things like listen, read, educate yourself, etc. These are important, but by far, the single most important thing for you to do if you want to become more intelligent is:

Make friends with people who are smarter than you are. Seriously. You won't FEEL intelligent, and you may not like that, but you'll never get smarter if all of your friends are dumber than you.

  1. Be the boss of your brain: control the foolish ideas that come in your brain, like in everybody's brain ( jealousy, depression, wanting bad stuff like smoking...). Too much salt or too much sugar are not good for the brain just as they are not good for the rest of the body.
  2. Sleep well, always wake up at the same time. Sleep in one of the rare "tips" to increase intelligence that really works.
  3. Learn a little something everyday.
  4. Smile to somebody every day. Keep happy. Fear and despair eat up your intelligence.

Live Here and Now and when choices need to be made, choose according to Divine Order rather than the inverse (infernal order):

Honesty over deceit
Courage over cowardice
Kindness over cruelty
Caring over apathy

You don't provide much information in your question, but I am just taking from it that you want to do a little self-improvement, perk yourself up a bit. There's nothing wrong with trying to make ourselves the best we can be. Of course there's nothing that any of us can take or do to become an Einstein (personally I wouldn't want that, I don't like math!) but it is nice to learn a few new things, hold more conversations. Here is a link to a few suggestions to make you feel better. Maybe some of them you have seen before, but have a look:

30 Easy Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

Hope this helps!

Simple, consider the source of everything you learn. Just because you don't understand it at first doesn't mean it isn't so. Experience will show you the way...

What are some innovative ways to use Apple stickers?

Find someone who despises Apple products. When they're not around, put an Apple sticker on their laptop.

Who invented classical music?

Like all the arts (theater, painting, sculpture, literature)

Is a teacher allowed to teach a subject he has not studied?

Allowed - yes. Is it wise? Depends on the individual. If a teacher is comfortable taking a subject they have no qualification in, I say - go for it. I had a friend who is a gifted musician. Could play anything. He was a music teacher - but didn't like it.