What are some good tips for cooking rice?

I love rice and dishes made from Rice.

I did so many experiments for cooking rice. Here sharing few tips for Plain Rice.

These tips are really very helpful for cooking best plain Rice. ( things may change with the quality of Rice. I prefer old Rice for everyday)

  • Add few drops of lemon or ghee, Rice will become nonsticky and it will give nice aroma.
  • Always take little extra water and not exactly double quantity of water while cooking. Rice will cook more properly.
  • I prefer to add salt even in plain Rice.
  • If you love nonsticky, properly cooked rice make it on a bowl and by draining water instead of making it on pressure cooker. It is also good for diabetic people.

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Wash the rice thoroughly in clean water at least 3–4 times. Each type of rice need a separate quantity of water for cooking, and this depends on how much the rice will expand. A bit of salt during cooking always enhances the flavour, and a teaspoon of ghee during cooking prevents the sticking of the rice.

The most important suggestion is to pair the rice with the type of cuisine. Each cuisine requires a specific type of rice, please keep this in mind.

Mostly depends on which kind of rice you are cooking raw, par boiled,brown,wild ect first to start with is soaking of rice which is very important as is softens the rice and cooks better. When you're preparing plain rice take twice the amount of water and add some salt and bring it to a boil,add a tsp of oil then add your soaked rice and let it boil toll you see some rice on top of the water level your rice is ready strain right away and serv.

Tip #1: Be very patient because rice takes for fucking ever

Tip #2: Put about half as much rice in the pan than you think you need because it expands quite a bit.

Tip #3: If you place a lid atop of your rice, make sure it's one of those lids with a hole in it for the steam to get out. Otherwise, carefully babysit it.

Using pressure cooker is the most easy and convenient method for cooking rice. Rinse rice for couple of times to get rid of impurities and also extra starch content. After rinsing soak in water for 30 minutes prior to cooking.Soaking in water makes the rice grains strong and avoids breaking. Always measure the quantity of water and rice so that consistency of rice is fluffy.

Cooking rice in Pressure Cooker retains the minerals & starch which in ordinary direct cooking is thrown out. Pressure Cooker saves time , energy & money as everything can be cooked at once.

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