What are some good ways to get back someone who has fallen out of love with you?

So my read of this question is that a guy wants to know how to rekindle a relationship with a person who once loved him very much but no longer seems interested.

My best suggestion is to ask this person to sit down and talk with you. Try doing something thoughtful and real--think about what you've done to this person that was hurtful and own it. Apologize for being an ass. In person is best, but via phone, letter, or email also works. If this person responds, wonderful, but if not, you can choose to reach out every once in a while in a low-key non-stalkerish way in hopes of renewing conversation, or let it go. It is rare for a feelings to pick up where they left off after something painful transpires, but it is possible to build a new relationship once trust is re-established.

Years ago I broke up with a man I loved very much because I felt we'd gotten too comfortable and we'd stopped growing, and I had a very powerful need to pursue growth. He didn't. We considered each other soul mates, and as such we each wanted the other to be happy--even if it meant ending our romantic relationship. The breakup was mostly amicable, but we both started dating other people after a while who felt very threatened by our continued closeness. We ended up having a nasty argument a year after our break up and despite the fact that I continued to reach out to him periodically for a few years, he never responded. Then one day years later he contacted me and said that banishing me from his life was like cutting off one of his legs and he was tired of being a cripple. He asked me to accept him back into my life in whatever capacity I saw fit. He knew he'd been a cruel jerk and apologized. We've since become good friends. There is no romantic spark there, but the soul-deep intimacy remains.

I am a firm believer that even though a relationship changes, what we love about someone doesn't change, and if both are willing, a new relationship can be forged.

Good luck.

To Love Someone Is Nothing, To Get Love Is Something, But To Love And Get Love In Return Is EVERYTHING !!!!!

Yes it is possible to make someone love you.

Just start with a very basic thing.

First try to be a friend with your Crush. The people who share common things of interest are likely to become Good friends in a very less time.

Try to find the common things like ..... Favorite Singers ...... Sports ...... Things of Interest, etc. This will help you to be close with each other.

Now go one step ahead, try to be a friend between Good Friend and Best Friend, don't be a Best Friend. Cause being a Best friend will highly increase the chances of getting Friendzoned.

And Now Confess your True Love.

If that person had fallen in love over a time then He/She will accept it OR ask you for a little time for the decision.

But If that person does not care about your feeling. Then its a time to move on. Don't waste your precious time on the person who doesn't Love you back.

And if you want to make that person fall in love with you at any cost, then keep up doing your efforts and make them realise that your love is True and make Promises.

Even after such hard efforts if that person doesn't Love you back. Then you should understand this "That person doesn't deserve your Love and you should Move On. You cannot force someone to Love you back"

Best Of Luck !!!!!

There are 2 ways:
- either really get back at them (steps below)
- let them go and find someone else to love

If you are set on the getting back at the person - how dare they fall out of love with someone as loving and caring like you? Why did that person even think for a moment that you will hesitate to turn their life into a living hell? You certainly will do it!

So, the first thing to do would be to ignore this person. Chances are they will try and see you suffer. If you show any sign of weakness - such as longing, emotional turmoil, tears - when the other person is with someone else, well, you lost, and they won.
Don't give them this chance.

You will certainly feel bad - but it's something to be controlled, not to let it control you.
So, make a list of all the things you enjoy - such as hobbies, list of friends, list of things you would like to do. Then go, one by one, and do those things while making sure to check-in on social network sites and tag yourself into those happy smiling pictures.
Yep, you will make that person pay and wish they'd never ever left you.

Then you need to immerse yourself in either studies or work: the reason is to make yourself more successful.
Success attracts success - and you will be on the top of your game, while that former beau of yours will be squirming and kicking self for letting you go.

The next step is to actually show your superiority.
Find a friend of yours who's single, and contact your ex-partner. Say that it's been awhile and you wanted to check in. Genuinely ask about that person's well-being, and if that person is still single (you are single by choice, and they're single due to circumstances) set them up with your single friend.
Yes, victors share their spoils and help disadvantaged others -to the extent they can.
Be a bigger person - you former ex may be suffering each day without you in their life, so it would be generous of you to find them someone else.
Take the time to love yourself.

Let go of any expectation of getting them back.  Instead allow only the possibility to remain.

Your focus should be on your own happiness, and your future partner should enhance that joy. You may not want them back, once you work on yourself a bit, but if you do you will have so much more to offer.

I would also look at why it didn't work for a long time and see if the things you would need to change about yourself to make it work this time are things you are willing to change. Because you can only change yourself and even that is difficult at best. Perhaps read about the stages of grief too, you've suffered a loss and you need to be gentle with yourself. Hang in there, it probably won't work out the way you want it to, but it'll work out!
It's something you have no control over whatsoever. You're giving the key to your happiness to another person. Frustration and pain welcome. You should instead think about why you still want her back, what is it that she had that nobody else has? Is it really not possible to have that or even better connection with someone else? And if you're such a great match, why did you break up? Reality is tough to handle, but it liberates if you're strong enough to accept it.

Yes, definitely. But not if you try to force it.

Love doesn't work that way. You can't tell it to come and stay, actually, you can't tell love anything about what to do. But you can try to give some hints where a persons love should go.

If I was in your situation, I actually wouldn't do too much about it. I always strive to be the best version of myself so that everybody I hang out with enjoys the time with me, but if someone doesn't like me, it's ok. And love goes the same way. Just be the way you are, and maybe his feelings will come back. If not, well, then you have to find someone new (at least if you like).

Pretty much the only thing that you could try is to talk to him. Ask him why he thinks he lost his feelings, and in his opinion will be the best thing to do now.

Good luck! :-)

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