What are some great bench press exercises that target the chest?

The guillotine neck press. Same as the regular barbell bench press but you bring the bar down to just above your neck with a wide grip and elbows flared out. This can be done with weight around 80–90% of your 1 rep max but lower weight maybe a good starting point. The neck press has been shown in some EMG studies to give the best pectoral activation. The guillotine was the only bench press technique used by Larry Scott, the first Mr Olympia. It was also used by Vince Gironda.

Be sure to use at least a 6 foot barbell but preferably a seven. If your tall and can take a wide grip that doesn't hurt your shoulders then you can maximise chest isolation. Alternate between regular wide grip bench and the neck press to maximise coverage and chest isolation. You WILL feel it.

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If your insurance will cover it, I can't stress enough the benefits of a good physical therapist. They are worth their weight in gold. Get a referral to the best you can find.When rehabbing, there are closed-chain exercise, like stationary bike and elliptical (single plane motion); and open-chain

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