What are some great men's fashion (sartorial) link roundups to follow?

A few of may favourite bookmarked sites -

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Film Noir Buff Style Forum

Home Page - The Rake


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The Sartorialist


and be sure to read THIS:

Slobbery as Snobbery

How bad is it to have no ambition at all?

I hate to be a contrarian, but here goes. It's a very bad to have no ambition. Without ambition and drive you might as well be a rock sitting on a beach somewhere. You're sitting somewhere right now on a computer. Which means you have a better than 70%

How to do a muscle up

THE MUSCLE-UP IS a standout amongst the most pined for CrossFit practices that takes a huge amount of quality and practice to ace. In idea, a consummately executed muscle-up may not look all that hard to ace, but rather the hold and the developments

Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you?

YES...CERTAINLY I DO AND I HAVE REASONS.She joined gym some 8 - 9 months ago and used to come home in the next 1 or 1.5 hours but over the time she is coming after 2+ hours. When asked she gives all irrelevant reasonsShe had many friends before marriage & out of them I know