What are some great mind-blowing books? Why?

1.The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
 This a thought-provoking and deep book that makes one understand how minds work.How each person thinks and acts differently and how you will be happy only when you do what is right to you and nobody else.This is probably the only book I've read that makes work-ethic a way of life.

2.The catcher in the rye by J.D.Salinger
 Holden Caulfield is a boy who runs away from school(again) and the book depicts his teenage-crisis.unlike the other petty teen issues this book shows how Holden , who is a genuine sensitive and smart guy who is struggling with all things "phony" in the world finds himself.

3.To kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee
 Every one must read this book.Atticus Finch is a real hero,someone I will always look upto , a real real gentleman who is a wonderful parent and a great person who taught me to be courteous,to stand up for what I believe in and to be strong and do what needs to be done, even when failure is inevitable.

4.The kite runner by Khaled Hosseini
 This is the book that has affected me the most -emotionally.It is a story about two young boys in Afghanistan- the master's son and the servant's son.It is a story which tells you how your past never really leaves you , how every sin done to a pure and kind person will continue to haunt you , until you make it right , however you can.

5.The wuthering heights by Emily Bronte
 This book is about the pain of unrequited love.How you can never choose whom to fall in love with,how you continue to love that person no matter what they turn into and what they do to themselves and you.It is about a bitter man who lost everything when he lost his love and the next generation that fights him to fight happiness.

6.The satanic verses by Salman Rushdie
 This book actually blows the reader's mind.Never mind the characters that are bizarre and yet very next-door.Never mind the fact that the author sets up a parallel universe to replay the origin of Islam differently.It is the style, that keeps you on toes.This book disturbs you from within and you can't even tell why.It wil demand your 100% focus and it will reward you when you do.

7.Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
 This book was the cause of hue and cry in its time and even now it is considered as a controversial book for its theme-where a middle aged man falls in love with a 12 year old girl who is also his step-daughter. As disgusting as it sounds, the book is in fact a classic because in the voice of Humbert Humbert (-the pervert) you slowly realise that it isn't what you thought it was and eventually feel sorry for the whole tragedy of his life.

8.The art of racing in the rain by Stein Garth
 This book depicts the strong and fulfilling relationship between a race car driver and his dog Enzo.The book is written in the POV of the dog and thus makes it very interesting.The master is everything to Enzo and it helps him through his hardships all his life.It loves his family as much as him ,helps him get back his daughter's custody and motivates him to follow his dreams.

9.The Godfather by Mario Puzo
 This book is more than only the guns,the violence and Italian accents.It is about moral code, power and it shows you how while sometimes you step into the chaos, sometimes you are pulled into it.It is about doing the wrings things the right way ,about trust, revenge and about doing everything in style.

10.A song of ice and fire by George R R Martin
 If you are among the very few who has not watched Game of Throne AND also aren't squeamish about big books then this is your holy grail.This series is a roller-coaster ride. It defies all expectations and all stereotypes and is nothing like anything you have ever read. It is fantasy in its most entertaining form.The crazy twists, the plots and the suspense are bound to leave you breathless and before you know it, you are waiting for the sixth book!Excellent writing :)

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