What are some of the best photos taken at the right moment?


Whenever I come across such pictures, I feel Amaze!!This is the definition of PERFECT!!

The after-photos are probably even better...

1.We hope this museum doesn't have the "you break you pay" policy

Is time supposed to go by fast when I am studying, or does time slow down?

Time is a persistent illusion. ~ Einstein.For some unknown reason, activities which appeal to the mind end quickly while tasks which appear cumbersome seem never-ending. My thesis for such perception is that overtime we set clear preferences of our likes and

What is the state of matter present inside a neutron star?

The matter is baryonic in nature yes, but the protons and electrons are crushed to form neutrons. So much so that even the spaces between the nuclei gets crushed. Giving rise to a new form of matter which is oddly known as nuclear pasta.

What are the different type of life forms we have found on other planets?

Nothing definite yet, but we have some ideas and even some prospects.We have found hundreds of planets circling other stars, or