What are some healthy breakfast foods for diabetics?

#What are some healthy breakfasts for a diabetic person. Tips and tricks to answer the question: #What are some healthy breakfasts for a diabetic person


=>1. Limit meal times to 1 hour or less, with at least 12 hours between the end of dinner and beginning of breakfast.

You should have no more than three of these "feeding times" per day. The reason limiting the number and duration of your meal times is so important has to do with staying out of the vicious cycle of increasing insulin resistance.

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=>2. Exercise:

I exercise over 12 hours a week, but that's more than you really need to prevent diabetes. Even just walking 30 minutes a day can have a huge impact on preventing diabetes. The key is to make it a daily activity.

Recommend: Do exercise 30 minutes on the evening, 30 minutes afternoon.

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=>3. Diet Meal plan – Must:

Theeee No1 measure isss diabetic meal plan or food portion and timing when u have the food... Have a small portion of food at one time, you can split up the food into many sections.

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=>4. Manage stress.

Stress is a feeling of facing threats that are beyond your power to control. Stress, sometimes called the "fight-or-flight" response, prepares your body for running away or fighting a threat. To do this, stress releases hormones such as cortisol that make your body insulin resistant and raise your blood pressure to pump more blood.

=>5. Drink more water:

Water is a need for our body to send out glucose and unwanted substances. Drink more water for the smooth functioning of kidney.

You should drink one time every 2 hours

=>6. Meditation, yoga or taichi:

Yes, this is a secret, traditional way to cure diabetes and other diseases.

That is practiced in yoga or meditation or tai chi.

What is the secret behind yoga, tai chi or meditation? That is energy.

Energy exists in any material including man. In it, blood is a special form of human energy.

For example, when you get angry you can punch hard against the wall without hurting. However, I think you would not dare to do it in a normal state.

Do you know: two hands can gravitate together? Yes, that is the manifestation of the energy gained after practice.

Energy-increasing will help your body healthy, help the body adjust itself to balance and eliminate disorder.

I have practiced a lot in yoga, meditation and tai chi. I can not tell which one is the best, but I like tai chi. I have tried to add yoga and meditation exercises to my tai chi system.

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