What are some ideas for a webapp / mobile app hackathon?

I picked up a few ideas for mobile applications:
- Dishes from the listed ingredients
Display a list of dishes that can be prepared from the ingredients entered by the user. There should also be an opportunity to put on likes and offer your own answers.

- Search for like-minded people
Search for like-minded people on hobbies, dreams, hobbies, etc.

- The mobile application teaches tourists the customs of another country

How to improve my physical recovery after a workout

There might be several reasons, but two main things happen during the workout:1. Your muscles break down (they're rebuilt bigger and stronger)2. You burn your glycogen reserves (basically your fast energy)To help your muscles rebuild fasters supplement amino acids,

How many push-ups should I make every morning to make a good body?

Push-ups do bounty for your physical make-up - they're one of the best activities for your chest, they work your center and the numerous adjustments implies you can keep your exercise new. In any case, push-ups are not a panacea, and they won't be the sole development that get you tore. While you ought

What are the benefits of fingertip push ups?

Push-ups are a great abdominal area work out. Prevalent with the military, training camps, and normal rec center goers, they work the chest, triceps, and front shoulders. The abs additionally become possibly the most important factor amid a push-up. There are numerous renditions of the push-up, each offering its own favorable circumstances. Fingertip