What are some images of your favorite rooms? These rooms can be from homes, offices, halls, cathedrals, palaces, mansions, etc..

Hello! There are so many rooms to choose from--this is going to be a bit difficult to narrow it down. Some of my favorites are as follows:

I love this bedroom, not particularly for the decor because I like a little more cozy cushioning on the bed. I simply love the openness of it! Those windows are amazing.

I'm going to go bi-coastal here:

One of the most beautiful rooms in the US is the Rose Main Reading Room in the New York Main Branch Public Library...

I never think of big spectacular rooms made to be looked at, but of pictures of rooms that I have taken and each of the pictures of the rooms evoke a special memory for me.

Classroom in Udomxai, northern Laos

Why I don't have any life dream?

Who told you don't have, perhaps you are not able to recognize it, perhaps you are not able to identify it. The Ganga when starts from the Gangotari as thin stream of water might have thought she did not had a dream and she is flowing aimlessly hether and thether, but crossing

Should I hang out with other guys after my marriage?

If you want to. Deliberately avoiding social contact with others because you're in a commited relationship sounds like thin ice; it's easy to become isolated.While I'm not married, I'm living with someone since a few years back, and I regret having let other contacts go;

How to become a businessman

Prepare yourself first in all these areas-Start studying it--and get a job--to learn what it is like to work for someone and to see different management styles and how people interact in the work environment--Here are some mentors--Study the most important