What are some interesting facts about the Civil War?

There are many.

The "Civil War" wasn't really a civil war. A civil war is fought by two political powers of the same country for control of that country. The War Between the States was fought between 2 separate countries, with 2 separate, working governments.

Freemasons from both sides would call a truce so that an applicant could be inducted.

Blacks actually fought for the south...

The Confederate Congress decreed that black Confederate soldiers would be paid the same as white soldiers. Union black soldiers were paid considerably less than their white counterpart.

The war wasn't just about slavery.

Sherman, on his march through the south, decimated homes by burning them, stole cattle, stole family heirlooms, set free slaves, and then just left them to starve...abandoned them.

The Corwin amendment was a proposed amendment designed to entice seceded states back into the Union and to persuade those not yet seceded states to remain in the Union. This amendment would have protected the institution of slavery. It was signed off on by the outgoing president and Lincoln gave his approval on it in his first inaugural address. The amendment did not pass because it did not get the required votes.

Slavery did not actually become illegal until the 13th Amendment was ratified in December of 1865.

The Emancipation Proclamation did not free all slaves. Lincoln had no control over the southern States. He did, however, have control over the slave holding northern States...and he did nothing to stop that.

Jefferson Davis was held for 2 years in prison...with no charges. It was some high rolling abolitionists who worked towards his freedom. He wasn't charged because the Federal Government was afraid he would be able to prove that secession was Constitutional...which it was.

Contrary to popular belief, Jefferson Davis was not captured trying to escape in women's clothing

The first Capitol of the Confederacy was in Alabama. The last Capitol of the Confederacy was in Danville VA.

This is just a few...

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