What are some interesting smartphone hacks?

This hack might save you one day.

If we take a look at any busy street, chances are that 70% of the peoples may be busy in using their smatphones!

Well, we can't stop them, as,

"21st century is the century of Smartphones"

But, Several instances occur in our life, where we forget our some of most needed things like Smartphones, unknowingly. It's common for the human beings to make mistakes, you can't stop it.

The big deal here is that, nowadays, almost all the peoples store their personal data and many important documents in their phone itself. If you forget it somewhere, it can create a serious issue with your privacy!

What's the hack for getting it back?

Believe me this hack work 7 out of 10 times!

For this follow the steps,

Step 1. Choose any random wallpaper from your phone. For example, I have chosen this:

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