What are some legitimately entertaining video games that can make you smarter?

Games like MOBAs will improve your reflexes , sub conscious thinking power, your macro decision making, micro decision making and best of all they are a blast to play. Example: Dota 2, Smite, League of Legends, etc.

What is your top money saving tips?

Saving is essential to prefer for future needs. Save maximum and spend less. If you want to live a long financial secure life.How to save maximum moneySave more & spend lessAvoid irrelevant spendingRecognize spending processMake a strong budgetMake a monthly financial report to check out leakages.Save but don't forget to investAbove all are pro

How difficult is Insanity's Ab Workout?

Insanity ab workout is intense. Remember there are modifications and you can go at your level. You can slow the move down and take your time. Just because they are moving at a faster pace does not mean you have to. Focus on quality vs. quantity. Focus on proper form and execution of the exercises. It is a great

What are some free health guest blogging Indian sites?

Hi Guys,Here is list of sites for healthcare blog for guest blog post submission in India and in generalSr. No. Blog Name Paid/Free Est. Pageviews (M) PR Social Notes1 A Community For Healthcare Bloggers, Networking, And Jobs Free 20,820 4 Yes 2 Blog 10,380 1 Yes 3 ReviseDiet 21,030 0 No 4 Indian Healthcare Blog 17,100 2 No