What are some life-changing hacks?

  • In a social circle - Never stare or even look at a woman's breasts. She knows it the second you do it.
  • You do not want to stare at a woman's chest but always get tempted to? Want a solution? Try this technique - look right into her eyeballs and make sure you are looking at her hair, forehead and eyes. And then talk purposefully.
  • Let your intentions be public. I let everyone know that I intended to promote my brand by offering people value. There was a massive backlash after I posted the question on Quora. And then - no one bothered me after that.
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  • Stand on both your legs. Your image & opinion will be enhanced 10 times more.
  • Use these words - No one will disagree with you. The word is "I believe", "I think" and "I feel"
  • When you invite someone over to your place - if it is kept, clean and organized - their respect for you increases.
  • Want to know who is the key influencer in a group? Whenever in a group - pay attention to who is given the most opportunity to speak without any objection. That person is the key influencer.
  • What to know who is the key leader in a group? See which is the person everyone looks to frequently - that is the key leader.
  • Want to be loved and the top favorite? Do what a dog does when he sees his master. It works like a charm!
  • When angry or emotionally charged - never make a decision. Sleep over it. You will find the best solution in a few days.
  • Even if you are a bad person or irritating person - if you give value - people will keep you around. Ask yourself which one are you?
  • Always focus on the person's body language. It will speak the truth. Note the arms if they are folded as they are trying to control their emotions. Rather where their eyes are moving, which direction their feet is pointing and for slight twitches in the expressions.
  • People respect nothing more than a person's dedication to one discipline and his excellence in it.
  • Always have a different, unique and original point of view. People love to hear it if it comes across logically.
  • Agree to disagree always.
  • It is always good to know the ground rules and set your own ground rules with people. I do this always with women. Works like a charm! And they love me for it.
  • If you lack social skills like how I did when I was young (Because of my destructive upbringing and horrible childhood), have a Mentor. I choose the services of a Master Seductions Expert and studied real life skills of how to master social life hacks.
  • Don't try be everything to everyone. Just be something to one. And only one at a time.
  • If you do not fit in - don't force it. Leave the group
  • There will be some people in social groups who will hate you for anything and everything you do - don't bother wasting your time on them.
  • In any conversation, if you don't agree with someone then instead of disagreement, ask them questions and observe each detail, to find out why they believe what they believe. Then tell them your thoughts politely.
  • The comfort zone trick. To see how comfortable someone is with you, lightly pat them on the shoulder after you have made them laugh. Their reaction will be a dead giveaway.
  • The personal networker: Get to know someone personally to get to know them professionally. Ask them questions that work backward into their professional life as opposed to from professional to personal.

    Do this by asking them about their family, their interests outside work, their weekends, and then work.
  • The "favor" ice breaker. When sitting down with a group of people with whom you are unfamiliar, offer them each a beverage/snack/small item.

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