What are some life hacks for parents of teenagers?

I've found that you can't control a teen too closely; you have to give them freedom to make decisions and mistakes. If you don't, you end up with someone who can't think for themselves.

So expect mistakes and stubbornness. It isn't entirely unhealthy. In my household, if the kid wants to keep her room a complete mess, I let her. There are exceptions under the heading of "health and welfare." When the cockroaches start showing up, the room gets spotlessly clean. Until then, she can have food and drinks but no spills. Spills get cleaned up immediately.

My last teen (5th child) doesn't like to gather her clothes for washing. No problem, but we don't do a load of wash for one garment. The washer can be run any time of day or night, but I can be unreasonable if she is.

We don't play games with medical problems. She has all of her vaccinations and sees a doctor at least yearly. That's one place we don't skimp.

Why are Tesla self driving cars the best?

There are no self driving cars in the world yet , Tesla's have a very advanced cruise control nothing more than that. They have the best cruise control in the world for sure and what makes them better is the fact Tesla is good at engineering.

What does it mean when a tampon hurts?

There are a few possible explanations for pain during tampon use.Pain when inserting tampons:Lack of relaxationThe vagina is a muscular tube so if you're tense the vaginal muscles will tense, thus causes the walls of the vagina to clench together and thus make the vaginal canal narrower. If a

How to prove someone is hacking my phone and how can I find out exactly who is responsible

While it is possible to prove someone has hacked your phone, it is incredibly difficult. To begin, if they are a hacker worth their salt, they'll have covered their tracks fairly well. If they have not, it's still nearly impossible to find