What are some life hacks to make life more pleasant?

The word "pleasant" is subjective and everyone's life will vary on how "Pleasant" their life should be. For quora purposes, I'd like to state that living a minimalist lifestyle will make your life much easier.

The world has gotten over the top with promoting that in order to have a pleasant life you must have "more" which, to me, is contradictory.

Let's put this into perspective: Imagine yourself trying to juggle several things in your life versus having to focus on 1 thing. The everyday person would be overwhelmed with the amount of things that needed to get done compared to having to complete a simple task.

Minimalists have everything in order. They like things done a certain way. There are no complicated ways to do things, its just 1 way and 1 way only. They are structured, and follow routines with no room for options (because there are no options - its just the simple things they need to get through life).

On the other hand, if you want to add a little spice (or a lot of spice) in your life, keep adding a bunch of things and see what happens. Sooner or later you'll get the picture. ;)

Repeating people's words

When you ask someone, "Hey, what's your favorite color?"

And they respond, "it's blue."

You respond, "oh ok, so it's blue."

It shows that you care about the conversation and are listening to what the other person is saying. It's subliminal reciprocation.

For instance, if you ask the directed person, "what are your interests?" And they respond, "I like fishing and working out."

You should respond by saying, "oh you like fishing and working out." It shows that you paid attention to what the other person said. And that infinitely increases affinity.

What makes an interesting ending in movies?

Before, death has always been the biggest plot twist ever made in any film or literature. When one of the protagonists die at the end of the film, it becomes unforgettable. (I believe this is why Titanic became such a hit in the ‘90s.)Now, there are tons of movies and books where one of

Where does Cars 1 take place?

Thanks for the A2A, Abbie. Geez, this question's old! As long as someone's inquiring on it, though...I remember reading up on this when Cars first came out-Radiator Springs, the town it takes place in, wasn't intended to be any place in particular,

What makes Virat Kohli special in the field?

Hello guys,Virat is a very popular and a player worth watching while on the field.His aggression ,style,tactics,stratedgies and his special actions and huge involvement while on the field which often lead to controversies makes him special on the field.