What are some life hacks you have come across?

Life hacks in general:

If you have dogs, but no fence and hang your laundry out out dry, the laundry line can double as a "dog run". Attach a D ring to the line, hook a long dog leash to it and hook your dog to the leash.

Save money on your electric bill and help warm your house: turn off the dry cycle on your dishwasher and simply open the door. Let the dishes air dry in the dishwasher.

When scrambling eggs in a cast iron skillet,  let the pan get hot, add a small amount of oil and then add eggs. This way, you are less likely to have the eggs stick to the pan.

To "wean" your kids off of sugary cereal: combine two boxes of similar cereal in a large container. Ex: frosted flakes and special k, cocoa pebbles and rice crispies.

Keep a white board on your wall for a quick grocery list or notes to family members. If you want to use it as a template,  write on it with permanent marker.

If you have permanent marker you are wanting to get off of a white board, mark over it with a dry erase marker.

When teaching a dog commands, it's a good idea to associate a hand gesture with the verbal command. That way when they grow old and lose their hearing,  you can still tell them to sit, lay down, drop it etc.

If you live in an apartment or duplex, you can still have a garden. Use 5 gallon buckets. Collect rain water in more 5 gallon buckets to water your plants.

Have your TV and wifi router plugged in a power strip. Turn the strip off at night or when not in use. Prevents any unauthorized use of your wifi and prevents your TV from being an "electricity vampire". (It's a real thing look it up!)

Spray sunburns with apple cider vinegar. It has an enzyme that stops your skin from cooking and numbs the pain. When it dries, the smell goes away.

*this is all I can think of this early in the morning.  I'll add more as I think of them.

An app.

You might brush this answer aside, but believe it or not - apps have made a fundamental difference to my life, to what I believe to be for the better.

Human - All-day activity & Calorie tracker

This was happened yesterday when my doctor asked me to mail my xray of Lsspine and i dont have scanner or any thing to hold xray for better viewing so i done something like this.

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