What are some misconceptions in the world about India and its people?

This answer is especially for Indian readers who have been constantly fed that all Govts since 1947 have been corrupt, and that they have done nothing for India. Though it may be partly true, it is a misconception.

In this answer, I am going to put my thoughts straight, and many may disagree with me, but there are times when we should appreciate what has been done by successive Governments of India. There have been mistakes and blunders by the Indian Governments, and there have been quite a few. And, we keep accusing, blaming, criticizing and some people are also abusive towards the Govts which have been in power, political parties notwithstanding. I have been criticizing the Govts of past and present for their policies and actions. If we have the right to criticize our Govts, we should also be fair with what they have done for India. It must be written in all fairness lest the future generation thinks that all past Govts were bad because only the negatives are portrayed.

I never got a chance to appreciate what successive Govts have done for the nation, and this answer is in appreciation. I am going to write only about the positive effects of those Govts here, without going into the negatives.

Do you agree that even the hardest math can be understood by a person of average intelligence if it is broken down into small steps?

I've taught and tutored math at all different levels from middle school up through graduate school. I've worked with both high-achieving students with strong educational backgrounds and students on the edge of the system with huge gaps in their education.Yes, I believe most people with average intelligence* have the potential to be able

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Is a human an alien?

DO ALIENS RULE EARTH?ABSOLUTELY. I will refer to two of my recent and one older videos that give pretty clear signs that the highest ruling families and politicians are dominated by Reptilian aliens and that they (along with their allies the demons) use mind control energies to rule the Earth.But I should add this true