What are some misconceptions the West have about India?

Almost all of what Westerners "know" about India always came through evangelists and Brits. Most westerners fail to realize that almost all of what they "know" about India still comes through these same propagandists, adversarial distortionists, manipulators, etc. Christian academics, sensationalist media, biased BBC, NYT, etc. Then, with this misinformation, Westerners, and their smaller media houses, play chinese whishpers among themselves. So, the biggest misconception is when Westerners think they know anything about India, or, that they can know anything properly.

In reality, almost all of what they know is distorted, questionable, and, they have no proper sources for India. Almost whole of what they have is propaganda, passed off as "information" or "knowledge".


What are the best part time jobs for a student?

Following jobs can be done as a Part Time Priority basis -Librarian :If you're the kind of person who loves (and this will vary by position) helping people find information, suggesting books, talking about books, teaching research techniques, organizing and classifying things, you'll likely really enjoy working as a librarian, and that's worth a lot.

What happens after drinking hot water?

Hot water and it's benefitsIf you drink it first thing in morning , all your internal organs get activated .It helps in the excretion process very effectively .After meal , it helps in digestion.Increase BMR basal metabolic rate .It assist with nasal and throat congestion.Minimise the effect of mensuration cramps .It prevents

Is not eating enough calories causing an underactive thyroid?

There are more likely causes of an underactive thyroid, but if you severely limit your calorie intake, the chance that you lack dietary iodine to make thyroxine in your thyroid is quite possible. Iodine is commonly added to table salt to avoid this, how much salt do you eat?)Either way, your diet is probably